Whether you get excited about the idea of finding some classical music to listen to or want to get the piano sheet music to play some music by Chopin, we have the sites you can search. In addition, you can stay up to date with upcoming events, from concerts in your area, read up which budding artist is playing Tchaikovsky’s music, or find easy melodies by Bach.

Recommended Classical Music Resource Sites

The following are some of the sites we use quite often and that you, too, may find useful when wanting to know a little more or want to find some new sounds.

Bachtrack.com – This site is great for finding live classic music events in your area. You can also search by performance type and see if it is for kids or adults. There’s a review section that includes noteworthy opinions from a range of professionals.

Classicfm.com – In addition to being one of the best digital radio stations ever with music from all your favorite composers, Classicfm.com also has a lot of relevant information about music theory and music education.

Britannica.com – Although it’s not wholly dedicated to classical music, Britannica.com is still a site we refer to quite a lot. It’s an encyclopedia of pretty much everything and has pages upon pages of information relating to this genre of music. In our opinion, it is an excellent place for fact-checking.

Spotify – It may not be as dedicated to classical music as some other sites out there, but Spoity.com is an excellent place to visit when you want to put together a playlist of all your favorite pieces.

Virtual Sheet Music – Musicians who like to play classical music can find sheet music here at very reasonable prices. With a monthly discount, members get a discount, and there are hundreds of classic melodies you can buy and immediately receive online.